LA SONATA DEL SILENCIO Original Television Soundtrack Music composed, orchestrated and conducted by CESAR BENITO

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Album La Sonata Del Silencio (Original Television Soundtrack)”

Digital & Physical Distribution

Label Plaza Mayor Company ltd

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Cesat Benito – La Sonata del Silencio (Original Television Soundtrack) in Itunes

La Sonata del Silencio (The Sonata of Silence) is a story of passion, jealousy and dreams with Post-war Spain as a backdrop. Marta Ribas lives in the male-dominated society of the late 40s, full of conflict and economic hardship. She had a happy married life with Antonio but his health starts deteriorating, so to make ends meet Marta starts looking for a job. Antonio doesn’t approve it as he  feels it damages his reputation. He controls her every step and Marta feels like a prisoner in her own home. But an unexpected opportunity crosses her path that will allow her to secure her own survival and that of her daughter, and find her place in the world.

The piano is an important element on this story. Marta is a skillful pianist and Flavio is a reputable piano instructor. Both of them had several scenes where they played piano on screen. So my first task  was to compose two original piano pieces (El Piano de Marta, and Sonata del Silencio), to give the actors enough time to learn the fingering before the shooting date.

During the scoring process I used thematic elements from those two piano pieces as leitmotivs for Marta and Flavio since they are key characters in the story.

The show was conceived without an opening titles sequence, so a main title theme was not required. But I felt the need to have one predominant theme that would convey the general sentiments of the story–anxiety, concern, anguish, survival. This theme would be sort of the spine of the score all along the series. We can hear it fully developed in Desde el Silencio, as well as sections of it in other tracks of this album.

There are other important leitmotivs in the score like the one I associated with the character of Basilio as he progressively ruins his life because of his night life and his relationship with hoodlums, smugglers and drug dealers (La Mala Vida, Malas Compañías, Clandestinos and Hacia la Perdición). I basically created leitmotivs and distinctive sonic atmospheres for all the main characters and most of the recurring situations.

I hope the listener enjoys this soundtrack album as much as I did creating the score for this fascinating television series.

Cesar Benito – La Sonata del Silencio (Original Television Soundtrack) in YouTube

Music composed, orchestrated and conduted by  CÉSAR BENITO

* Music performed by  MAD4STRINGS

* Solo Violin and  Concertino  LUIS ESTÉVEZ WINTERS

* Recorded at  ESTUDIO UNO, Colmenar Viejo, Madrid (Spain)

* Recording engineer  LUIS DEL TORO

* Coordinator  CARLOS MARTÍN

Piano and Programming  CÉSAR BENITO

Mixing and Mastering engineer  JAVIER FERREIRO

Album prodduced by  CÉSAR BENITO  and  JAVIER FERREIRO

Cesar Benito – Cd Digital & Cd Physical


CORDAMES – Album “Promenade Andante” From Classic to Jazz



CD CORDAMES pochette

Album Promenade Andante

Digital Distribution & Physical Distribution

Label Plaza Mayor Company ltd

The Orchard.

Cordames – Album Promenade Andante in Itunes

Voice & Harp duo

They touch, pinch, pull, hit the strings, play with, make them vibrate, cry, sing, shout, whisper! One – his harp and the other – those of his voice!

Classics and jazz in the new album by Stefka Miteva and Youliana Toshkova-Patrouilleau

Promenade Andante is the name of the new album by two Bulgarian ladies who have been living in France for decades. This is their first joint project and features their own compositions. Stefka Miteva is a singer with a penchant for jazz, ethno, she teaches music to non-professionals and conducts small choirs. Youliana Toshkova-Patrouilleau plays the harp, composes music, lectures music theory at the conservatory in Chartres and Orgеres-en-Beauce.

The duo have been working together for two years, calling themselves Cordames. “It was only natural to create our duo, after all we have known each other for 25 years and are constantly exchanging ideas,” says Youliana and adds:

Cordames – Album Promenade Andante in YouTube

The duo have been working together for two years, calling themselves Cordames. “It was only natural to create our duo, after all we have known each other for 25 years and are constantly exchanging ideas,” says Youliana and adds:

“We decided on marrying jazz with classical music. The harp is now widely used in pop and in jazz, but in France it is still used mostly in classical music. We started out with a handful of classical works. Our aim was to demonstrate that the transition from classical music to jazz within a single piece comes naturally. This joint project of ours wasn’t easy to accomplish – after all I live in Chartres and Stefka lives in Paris. We were travelling all the time organizing rehearsals. I hope the result will be appreciated by listeners. The album features several standards but most of the pieces we wrote ourselves. In Clair de Lune we use literally two chords from Debussy’s Clair de Lune. The structure is completely different and the lyrics are our own. We have a piece based on Beethoven’s Sonata Pathétique. The title of the album comes from the piece Promenade Andante, based on an excerpt from part two of a very popular sonata by Mozart. The song Sous les tropiques is a children’s song. About 20 years ago, Stefka, whose first profession is stage director, was working on a show for kids. She sent me some text to write the music to. And it turned out the children really loved the song. I myself teach. I have many students who learnt it and it gives them much pleasure to sing it.”

Stefka Miteva has been our guest, here at Radio Bulgaria on many occasions, but for Youliana Toshkova-Patrouilleau this is the first time:

“I did the harp at the National Music School in Sofia. I started composing music when I was still a child, that is why I applied at the theory and composition department at the National Music Academy and was admitted to Prof. Parashkev Hadjiev’s class. At one point he stopped lecturing so I continued with Prof. Dimitar Tupkov. I had the good fortune to be able to go to France on a scholarship where I specialized the harp. Now I lecture theory, analysis, solfeggio, I work as a rehearsal pianist, mostly with the choirs of my husband – he is a choir and orchestra conductor. He speaks very good Bulgarian. Together we do our best to keep in touch with Bulgaria, we have many music projects here. To me creating music is really important, though it is not always appreciated. I write all the time – chamber and symphony music, symphony-vocal music. My works are frequently performed in France, in Brazil, Mexico and of course, in Bulgaria. I love to use melodies and rhythms taken from Bulgarian folklore. In our work together with Stefka we invariably try to include folklore intonations. Bulgarian tradition is most diverse.”

The album includes two pieces for solo harp. One of them, based on a Bulgarian folk song, was written for Celtic harp (a smaller and simpler instrument used by different nations in their folklore.). The two ladies have been presenting their album in concert.

Cordames – Album “Promenade Andante” Cd Digital & Cd Physical available in Amazon

Cordames – Cd Digital & Cd Physical in Amazon


SIKS HAEDO – New Album “READY TO TRAVEL” A new Jazz Event….


Album Ready To Travel

Digital Distribution & Physical Distribution

Label Plaza Mayor Company ltd

Sergent Major Company – The Orchard.

SIKS HAEDO – Album “Ready To Travel” in Itunes

Siks Haedo, le projet du guitariste et compositeur, hispano-argentin, Diego Lipnizky,

installée depuis 2012 à Paris.

Seulement 2 ans et un grand talent lui permettent de convaincre le public et les professionnels du spectacle avec son premier album “Influencias” durant la 15ème édition du Festival de Jazz de Saint Germain de Prés.

Cette reconnaissance confort le guitariste à se lancer dans la réalisation d´un deuxième album, “Ready to travel” au couleurs d´une diversité métropolitaine q´est la ville de Paris.

Un voyage éclectique partant du jazz à la musique classique en passant par la musique africaine

Siks Haedo, the project of the guitarist and composer, Hispano-Argentine, Diego Lipnizky,

Installed since 2012 in Paris.

Only 2 years and a great talent allow him to convince the public and the professionals of the show with his first album “Influencias” during the 15th edition of the Jazz Festival of Saint Germain de Pres.

This recognition comforts the guitarist to launch himself in the realization of a second album, “Ready to travel” in the colors of a metropolitan diversity that is the city of Paris.

An eclectic journey from jazz to classical music to African music

SIKS HAEDO – Album “Ready To Travel” in YouTube


1 – Dernier Train

2 – Brian de Nice

3 – 20 Km avant l’Andalousie

4 – News From Maghreb

5 – Chasing Bona

6 – Welcome To Sotolongo

SIKS HAEDO Cd Digital & Cd Physical in Amazon

SIKS HAEDO – Cd Digital & Cd Physical in Amazon


MARNIT – Album “Respiro Di Donna” La Bella donna…


Album Respiro Di Donna”

Digital & Physical Distribution

Label Plaza Mayor Company Ltd

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Marnit – Album “Respiro Di Donna” in Itunes

La Bella donna…

Marnit Calvi, aka Marnit, from Trieste (Italy) is a singer of German origin. She recorded for the first time thanks to the “Bruno Lauzi in marilenghe” project and performed together with the great Italian singer.
Her first album as a songwriter was produced in 2011 by guitarist and producer Marco Anzovino (Gino Paoli, Fabio Concato, Pfm…). The debut album, titled “Marnit” same name, also makes use of Remo Anzovino collaboration (seven albums as a pianist and composer) in the composition of some of musics and arrangements and Alberto Zeppieri (Ornella Vanoni, Ron, Gianni Morandi, Bobby Solo, Ian Anderson…) in writing of some lyrics.

The album was appreciated at the XV edition of Randone Prize in 2011 where the singer has performed as a guest of honor, next to Tony Servillo, Adriana Asti, Enrico Beruschi… is awarded to her the Moret D’Aur emerging category in 2011 and won the Critics Award at the Friuli Venezia Giulia Film Festival 2011.

She debuted as an author for other artists in 2013, writing with Paolo Audino (Mina, Bocelli, Minghi…) the song “Cercando te”, in the first CD of Cristian Imparato (winner of “Io Canto” in 2011, on Canale 5 tv).

For the theatrical season 2016/2017 Marnit is part of the cast of the musical “C’era una volta… le favole! (Once upon a time… fairy tales!)” some productions by “All Crazy” and “Sold out”.

On March 17, 2017 here is “RESPIRO DI DONNA (Breath of a Woman)”, her second album as a singer-songwriter: a project of Alberto Zeppieri, published worldwide by Plaza Mayor Pubblishing Ltd.
All songs are written by Marnit, Alberto Zeppieri and Marco Anzovino.
The new song “Dispersa libertà”, included in the album, ranked third at the 2017 Festival of Biella.

Marnit – Single “Fuori Tempo” in YouTube

Marnit – Album “Respiro Di Donna”

1 – Fuori tempo

2 – Game Over

3 – Dispersa liberta

4 – Emoticon

5 – Donne che amano

6 – Profilo di donna

7 – E saliro (verso di te)

8 – Un giro nei tuoi occhi

9 – Piu di quello che hai

10 – L’anima che non ho

MARNIT – Cd Digital & Cd Physical available

Marnit – Cd Digital & Cd Physical in Amazon




Digital Distribution & Physical Distribution

Label Plaza Mayor Company Ltd

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Concert Exceptionel le 8 Avril – Chapelle des Lombards – Paris

Nina Van Horn – Album Nina Sings Simone in Itunes


Nina was born in France and raised in Texas; her life has been full of surprises and different skills: former classical dancer, then Opera singer, then Country singer… She moved to New Orleans and surrounded by Blues, she decides to sing this style for the pleasure of so many Festivals across the Planet… from Europe to South America, Korea, Vietnam, China … she is constantly recognized for her great energy on stage, her powerful voice and the constant quality of her musicians.

She received 2 Blues Awards in Germany & France for her former cd “seven deadly sins” in 2014 and the Award for “best Stage Performance” in the USA.

This time she is serving a dazzling show based on Nina Simone’s music with her best songs about segregation, women’s rights and gives a very personal view with a bunch of great musicians.

Nina Van Horn – Album Nina Sings Simone in YouTube

1 – Revolution

2 – Old Jim Crow

3 – Mississipi Goddam

4 – House of the Rising Sun

5 – Blacklash Blues

6 – Save Me

7 – He Needs Me

8 – Love Me or Leave Me

9 – Ain’t Got No

10 – Feeling Good

11 – My Baby Just Cares for Me

12 – Sinerman

13 – Be My Husband

14 – I Put a Spell on You

Nina Van Horn – Album “Nina Sings Simone” Cd Digital & Cd Physical available

Nina Van Horn Cd Digital & Cd Physical in Amazon



EKYNOXX – Album “Retrofuture” time to future….


Ekynoxx Retrofuture

EKYNOXX – Album “Retrofuture” – Single “Astrosamantha”

Album Retrofuture

Digital & Physical Distribution

Label Plaza Mayor Company ltd

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Ekynoxx – Album “Retrofuture” in Itunes

“RetroFuture”, The debut album release from EKYNOXX could be described as “a modern concept album”. It presents a vision of the future from a number of points of view: the first is a vision of the future as seen from the past, the second is a vision of the future as seen from the present and the third and final one is a vision of the future as seen from the future, because – paradoxically – the moment that we are currently experiencing is already in the past and the next moment is in the future. The instants in our lives are like interlocking links in a chain: the past, present and future are interconnected and ceaselessly slide through time.

This concept is conveyed in the track RetroFuture, with a quote by the 20th century English writer George Orwell: “Who controls the past controls the future; who controls the present controls the past.”

Other matters covered by the lyrics include conspiracy theories and chemtrails. Black Rain is an atmospheric track that envisages the dawn of the first day after the destruction of the Earth. The apocalyptic post-atomic vision is highly evocative of how the future was pictured in the past. It presents worrying, tragic prospects that still seem possible today, but it also manages to offer messages of love and hope.

Among the many topics discussed in this debut album, there is a look at feelings and emotions as seen through the eyes of an android who is much more human than humans themselves.

Ekynoxx in YouTube

EKYNOXX – Album “Retrofuture”

  • 01 – Astro Samantha
  • 02 – My Ship
  • 03 – Spacer Woman
  • 04 – Chemical Trails
  • 05 – The Halley water planet
  • 06 – Surfing on a rocket…..
  • 07 – Another Space
  • 08 – Walking out
  • 09 – Alfa Centauri
  • 10 – Retrofuture
  • 11 – Planet Earth
  • 12 – Black Rain
  • 13 – Raw Materials
  • 14 – Samantha EVO 2.0

EKYNOXX CD Digital & CD Physical available in Amazon

Ekynoxx – Cd Digital & Cd Physical in Amazon

TINKARA – Album “Cuori Di Ossigeno”




Album Cuori Di Ossigeno”

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Label Plaza Mayor Company ltd

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Tinkara – Album Cuori Di Ossigeno in Itunes

The new Italian Pop by a great vocalist

Amil Smith and Bobby Solo were last week joined forces, and together they recorded a new song entitled La cura è vivere, which will be in English and Italian version of the new album. Tinkara and at the invitation of producer Albert Zeppieri, which is a great vocal recognize Tinkara Filming took place in the intimate ambience of the Studio Videmskega Angel’s Wings in the middle of Friuli-Venezia Giulia. Bobby concedes that he looking forward to cooperation with the great vocalists who can njegovomu work give this something fresh. Further stressed the importance of the process of musical creation: all the musicians we’re too subordinate to modern technologies that allow us to bring discovery options is the completeness of our songs. Still I swear on spontaneous creative moments when the music is born out of emotion. Address Tinkarinih new albums, the first will be in English and the other in Italian, for now, remain another mystery! After the excitement of producer Albert Zeppierija over the Italian version of the Mars and Venus, tracks, however, during this period for the Italian market promises to be another single Marte e Venere.

Tinkara – Marte E Venere in YouTube

Tinkara is a musician, singer, composer, author and professional flutist, who lives in Ljubljana (Slovenia). After her first single “Veter z juga (South Wind)”, Tinkara recorded two albums and in 2001 signed a contract with Dallas Records for three more studio albums. One of them (O-range) has been published as an international version in Italy (EMI) and Croatia.

In 2004, the Italian producer Alberto Zeppieri published with her “ENIGMA”: a special project in four languages, a co-operation between the Friulian record label “Numar Un” and Dallas (EMI).

Since then she has released an album every year, on average.

Tinkara has held more than 800 concerts in Slovenia, Croatia, Austria and Italy. In her opinion, her most important international collaborations on stage or in the studio were with Ian Anderson (Jethro Tull), Robert Plant (Led Zeppelin), Carlos Nuñez, Dan Lavery, Paul Millns, the Hellenic Kaiti Garbi and the Italians Massimo Bubola, Bungaro, Gino Santercole and Bobby Solo.

Tinkara has received numerous awards, among which: two times first prize “Melodies of the Sea and Sun Festival” – 1977 and 2013 – in Portoroz (Slovenia); 8 gold Roosters in 1998, disks of gold and / or platinum for all her albums; in 1999 she was runner-up in the Eurovision song contest pre-selection in Slovenia; the best song and best video-clips to the London MP3 Now TV in 2000, and her original song “Reason Why” was among the top ten in the competition ISC 2003.

On 8 May 2014, in Copenhagen, she represented Slovenia in the “Eurosong Contest”, reaching the finals.

CD Digital & CD Physical available on

TINKARA Cd Digital & Cd Physical




Masaé GIMBAYASHI-BARBOTTE バルボット成江 Album “La lune”

La lune Masaé Gimbayashi Barbotte

Album La lune”

Digital Distribution & Physical Distribution

Label Plaza Mayor Company ltd

The Orchard.

Masae Gimbayashi-Barbotte – La lune on Itunes

A Lunar travel from Masaé

Masaé Gimbayashi-Barbotte has selected 21 classical and contemporary works inspired by the lunar landscape.

Her interpretation, both poetic and particular, is due to its (Japanese) origin.

The picturesque music of Masaé Gimbayashi-Barbotte will surely take you on beautiful night walks.

Masaé Gimbayashi-Barbotte a sélectionné 21 oeuvres classiques et contemporaines qui s’inspirent du paysage lunaire.

Son interprétation, à la fois poétique et particulière, est due à son origine (japonaise).

La musique pittoresque de Masaé Gimbayashi-Barbotte vous emmènera à coup sûr dans de belles promenades nocturnes.

Masae Gimbayashi-Barbotte – La lune in YouTube

Masae Gimbayashi-Barbotte in Concert

  • 26 Mars Ecole de Musique du Pays de Bray – Cournay en Bray
  • 9 Avril au Theatre de l’Ile Saint Louis a Paris – Concert duo Aviani & Gimbayashi-Barbotte.
  • 15 Avril a Ma Nature a Senlis – Concert duo Helias & Gimbayashi-Barbotte
  • 13 Mai au Theatre de l’Ile Saint Louis a Paris – Concert duo Aviani & Gimbayashi-Barbotte.
  • 24 Juin au Festival des clochers a Clermont (Oise) – Concert duo Helias & Gimbayashi-Barbotte

Masaé Gimbayashi-Barbotte, pianiste concertiste

Masaé Gimbayashi-Barbotte commence le piano classique à l’âge de 5 ans.
Après avoir obtenu sa Maîtrise és sciences humaines (Bachelor of Arts degree, spécialisée de la litterature française) à l’International Christian University au Japon, elle a obtenu le Diplôme d’Enseignement de Piano, à l’unanimité avec les félicitations du jury à l’Ecole Normale de Musique de Paris/Alfred Cortot.

Lauréate du Premier Prix du Concours Madeleine de Valmalete à l’unanimité avec les félicitations du jury, du prix belge de l’Académie Européenne des Arts, du prix d’Excellence de l’Asia Classical Music Concert (Japon), titulaire de Diplôme d’Etat française de professeur de piano.
Perfectionnée auprès de Jay Gottlieb, ancien disciple de Nadia Boulanger et de Robert Casadesus. Elle a en outre travaillé avec les pianistes Serge Petitgirard, Victoria Melki, Shizuko Stienne, Hatsué Takano.  Elle a reçu également des conseils de Yvonne Loriod, Claude Helfer, Martial Solal, Catherine Collard, Dominique Merlet.

Masaé se produit régulièrement en France et au Japon, et à l’étranger. Elle est invitée aux festivals comme Normandie impressionniste, Festival International Albert Roussel, 150e anniversaire de l’ouverture du port de Yokohama au Japon, 150e anniversaire de relations amicales franco-japonaises à Paris et à Yokohama, Festival jazz Bray Normand…

Trois albums live témoignent ses récitals (Soleil Music Agency). Son 1er album solo ‘La Lune’ est sorti en octobre 2016.

Elle est créatrice et dédicatrice des oeuvres de Fumio Yasuda, Michel Bosc, Serge Ollive, Nickos Harizanos, Andrew Baldwin, Christian Tournay, Ittetsu Shimizu et Damien Deshayes.

La tournée en duo avec un pianiste jazz de NY en 2014 a été en succès à NY, Paris, en Seine-Maritime, Kobé, Kyoto, Tokyo..

Elle continue ses voyages musicaux en soliste et en chambriste.

Masaé enseigne dans l’Oise et en Seine-Maritime. Elle a été membre du jury du concours de piano «Pianoopen» à Mérignac, et de l’Enkor international competition, concours Clé d’Or, membre de Fédération de musiciens au Japon.

« Éblouissant concert – Elle explore à merveille la variété et la richesse de l’instrument. Un pur bonheur pour le public qui la rappelle encore et encore. (Le Dauphiné Libéré, France)»

« Une nouvelle phase de la musique pour le piano a été montrée (revue Chopin, Japon)»

« Une sonorité éclatante, des sons beaux comme des bijoux se dégagent… (Ongaku GendaiJapon) »

« C’était un concert où elle a marqué par son attitude, où il ne s’agissait pas d’une approche branchée mais d’une compréhension profonde, de son désir intense de musique, à travers son sens de l’harmonie Ravélienne ou son développement Stravinskien ou de ses accents jazzys, ses aspects du temps réel, du silence dans «In a landscape» de Cage, évoquant même Satie.» (Musicanova, Japon)

« Elle possède la capacité d’emmagasiner et de conjuguer des cosmos divers et d’en faire la magie. Elle est une vraie artiste. Je la recommande sans hésitation.»  (Jay Gottlieb, pianiste concertiste)

” Une pianiste exceptionnelle” (Karine Lemoine, peintre)

CD Digital & Physical in Amazon

Cd Digital & Physical in Amazon


JAMAIS CONTENTE (MISS IMPOSSIBLE) (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

JAMASIS CD 3000x3000_ver3rev

Album Jamais Contente” (Miss Impossible)

Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

Digital Distribution & Physical Distribution

Label Plaza Mayor Company Ltd

The Orchard.

“Jamais Contente” (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) in Itunes

Orignal Motion Picture Soundtrack

Composed and performed by Olivier Mellano

Feat. Da Chick – Dogg Master – Holy Ghost – MellaNoisEscape – Black Rebel Motorcycle Club


“Mon père est atroce, ma mère est atroce, mes sœurs aussi, et moi je suis la pire de tous. En plus, je m’appelle Aurore. Les profs me haïssent, j’avais une copine mais j’en ai plus, et mes parents rêvent de m’envoyer en pension pour se débarrasser de moi. Je pourrais me réfugier dans mon groupe de rock, si seulement ils ne voulaient pas m’obliger à chanter devant des gens. A ce point-là de détestation, on devrait me filer une médaille. Franchement, quelle fille de treize ans est aussi atrocement malheureuse que moi ? »

Réalisation : Emilie Deleuze
Production : Patrick Sobelman
Société : AGAT FILMS & CIE
Coproducteur : Ad Vitam

Interprètes principaux : Léna MAGNIEN, Patricia MAZUY, Philippe DUQUESNE, Catherine HIEGEL, Alex LUTZ

“Jamais Contente” (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) in YouTube

1 Jamais contente Olivier Mellano
2 Christmas kraut Olivier Mellano
3 L’amourette Olivier Mellano
4 Orage Olivier Mellano
5 Le clash Olivier Mellano
6 L’amourette 2 Olivier Mellano
7 La multiplication Olivier Mellano
8 Fumasse Olivier Mellano
9 Miss Impossible Olivier Mellano
10 Sea of noise Olivier Mellano feat. Mella Nois Escape
11 Christmas brings Dick Walter
12 Coktail Da Chick
13 Do It Again Holy Ghost
14 Real playaz Dogg Master feat. Mnmsta of Foesum
15 Hate the Taste Black Rebel Motorcycle Club
16 Beat the Devil’s Tatoo Black Rebel Motorcycle Club

CD Digital & CD Physical disponible

“Jamais Contente” (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) in Amazon

PIONEER – 先锋之那时青春 (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) Composed and Performed by Liu Ye (Jiageng Liu) – 刘晔(刘佳庚)


Album Pioneer (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)”

Digital & Physical Distribution

Label Plaza Mayor Company ltd

The Orchard

Pioneer (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) in Itunes

Director: Taotao Wang王涛涛

Composed and Performed by Liu Ye (Jiageng Liu)刘晔(刘佳庚)

Then the pioneer youth is in 2016 by China Radio, film and television Publishing House, the Guizhou Provincial Party Committee propaganda Department, radio and television, Beijing Jingwei star movie-media limited, kaichuang TV media company, Shanghai Cheng Xing culture dissemination limited company jointly produced the drama of war. The film directed by Wang Taotao, Tang served as art director and executive producer of Wu Pinru, Ma Xueyang, and Zhang Yuan, Liu Zhoucheng, and Xu Xiao, and Guo Ketong, and starring Gao Jian, Wang shuai, Min Jian, daitingrui etc.

Film about the Red Army during the long March, sent a team of investigation in order to detect enemy intelligence unit in the war front line fighting with the enemy fight, capturing information, helping Red Army troops fighting for the valuable information and time, completing the reds two Zunyi, won the Lou Shan Guan great victory.

Pioneer (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) in YouTue

01.Memories of the War – 毛主席关于战争的回忆
02.Bloody fighting – 惨烈的战斗
03.Mobilization before leave – 出发前的动员
04.A long way ahead – 艰难前行
5.A wild tiger – 荒山路遇野虎
6.Scheme – 阴谋
7.Sweet old time – 宋祁的幸福回忆
8.Rescue – 解救遇险的同志
9.Out of danger – 脱险同志的回忆
10.Xiaotanzi being lost – 小坛子下落不明
11.In disguise – 乔装进入敌统区
12.Humor- 幽默
13.Outwit – 智取情报成功
14.The beautiful future -畅想幸福未来
15.The faked information -惊闻情报被作假
16.Break through – 寺庙突围
17.On oath – 誓死宣言
18.Being ambushed – 进城被伏击
19.The final battle – 最后的决斗
20. Triumph at Loushan Pass – 娄山关大捷
21. Theme song”The original faith” – 主题曲《最初的信仰》
22. The animated titles -片头动画

CD Digital & CD Physical

Pioneer (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) in Spotify