RAMIN KOUSHA – Album “5th PASSENGER” (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

RAMIN KOUSHA – Album “5th PASSENGER” (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

Director Scotty Baker

Cd Digital

Label Plaza Mayor Company Ltd

Distribution The Orchard

Ramin Kousha is an Iranian-raised, Los Angeles based composer. Classically trained from the age of six Ramin has developed wide technical backgrounds with an expertise in unique artistic approaches including electronic and orchestral. His music is heard in numerous projects covering a variety of formats such as feature films, documentaries, TV series, and video games. Shortly after learning music theory and performing piano in various orchestras, Ramin realized his passion for composing. This eventually led him to study and work for the well-known Iranian classical composer Ahmad Pejman. At the age of 18 he decided to move to the United States to pursue his dream of film scoring. Ramin’s professional career began composing original scores for student films in college which shortly led to writing for features films. Ramin earned his bachelor of arts in music composition from California State University, Northridge.


Director Scotty Baker

Cast Morgan Lariah, Manu Intiraymi, Doug Jones…

Music composed and performed by Ramin Kousha

Five crew members are forced into an escape pod built for four after their starship is destroyed. Just as rescue seems imminent, an alien creature boards their craft and attacks them.

1 – Main Titles

2 – Arriving At The Starship

3 – Memo Her

4 – Meteor Impact

5 – Eve And Thompson

6 – Survivors

7 – Control Flicker On

8 – We Gonna Die Anyway

9 – A Dangerous Plan

10 – Mutiny

11 – It’s Always Me

12 – Just Watch My Back

13 – Last Chance To Say I Love You

14 – Kanelo Is Mad

15 – Is That His Blood

16 – What The Hell Is That

17 – All Of Us

WADESDA by Makuss Bonne featuring Larry Carlton A Tribute to Larry Carlton



Label Plaza Mayor Company Ltd

Distribution Sergent Major Company Ltd – The Orchard

Music has its own legends. Among these,

Larry Carlton will undoubtedly stay as one

of the most inspiring musical figure to every

jazz-fusion guitarist.

Like most kids of my age, I grew up in the late sixties listening to British blues-rock guitar heroes like Eric Clapton, Jimmy Page, John Mayall and many others.

In 1978, when I stumbled upon Larry’s

“Room 335″ album with its distinctive and fresh”Westcoast fusion sound”, it was a whole new

musical world that opened up to the young

guitar-trainee I was.

This project  “Wadesda” is a tribute to Larry Carlton whose sophisticated playing has been an endless source of inspiration to me all over the years.

Among several original compositions of our own,

it  includesfive songs written by Larry Carlton,

featuring Larry himself on guitar, and completely

re-arranged by Stephane Sassi.

This album is a dream come true.

                                                          Markuss Bøne

Markuss Bøne – guitar
Larry Carlton – guitar
Raul de Souza – trombone
Stephane Sassi – keyboards, percussions and orchestration
Jeff Babko – keyboards, Fender Rhodes
Guillaume Schmidt – alto, soprano and tenor saxophone
Travis Carlton – bass
Laurent Basso – bass
Hervé Chiquet – drums
Jimmy Chambert – drums
Toss Panos – drums
Jean Marc Pierna – percussion, congas, timbales



Ethnic Gipsy Blues

Label Plaza Mayor Company Ltd

Distribution Sergent Major Company Ltd – The Orchard

IOAN STREBA, Romanian musician who has been based in Paris for many years, proposes with this original project mixing his musical influences gipsy with a very modern jazz. What could be better than Paris, solidly accompanied by three musicians’ referents of the jazz scene: Philippe Milanta on piano, Bruno Rousselet has double bass and Philippe Soirat has drums, to try a meeting between these two free universes, from west to east?

The bar is set high, and the result surprising, which is reminiscent of the clarinet of Buddy by Franco or Eddie Daniels or quartets of Desmond, Coltrane or Gets…

However, it is a contemporary music, perfectly original, in which the phrase and structures of the blues permeate the original compositions of Ioan, or vice versa!…

A rich album of a festive Quintet or an Ethnic Trio – Gipsy jazz blues.

– 01 – After Ionel Show

– 02 – Descent Blues

– 03 – Blues Funky Orient

– 04 – Clasik and Gypsy Blues

– 05 – Petit Etude Blues

– 06 – Samba Gypsy Blues

– 07 – Valachie Blues

– 08 – Blues Modave

– 09 – Diminished Blues

– 10 – Blues Oriental Gypsy

– 11 – Blues Geamparale

– 12 – Blues Balade


& Isabelle Guidon & Francois-Pierre Camin
Featuring Clotilde Rullaud
Label Plaza Mayor Company Ltd
Distribution Sergent Major Company Ltd – The Orchard

The album “CoHitDuÔ” is written, composed, played on the piano by Bruno Desplan who merges his voice with that of Clotilde Rullaud to form an atypical Quintet with his accomplices the bassist François-Pierre Camin and the percussionist Isabelle Guidon, rallied by the flutist Nadia Feknous. Together, they concoct a sensitive jazz with subtle flavors, spiced with Caribbean syncopations, with Asian harmonies on a melodic French poetry seasoned with contemporary dissonances; which describes in 14 titles the mixture of sounds and words, the sensual, sensory, sentimental and even sexual sensations of a dating relationship to the official union.

  • 01 – L’Yin dans’ Yang
  • 02 – L’emotion sincere
  • 03 – (Renaitr’) sans sens
  • 04 – Partout Toujours
  • 05 – Magnetique reve
  • 06 – CoHitDuo
  • 07 – Rassure-moi !
  • 08 – Casse !!!
  • 09 – Comptine n. 4 : « Je aime toi (poeme exil) »
  • 10 – Fleurs de po-esie
  • 11 – Hymn’Intim’
  • 12 – C’est
  • 13 – Langues des mains
  • 14 – No doute no, No doute no!

OGGI 4UATTRO – La Dolce Vita

OGGI 4UATTRO – Album “La Dolce Vita”

Label Plaza Mayor Company Ltd

Distribution Sergent Major Company Ltd – The Orchard

Oggi 4uattro (sometimes written in the form “Oggi Quattro” or “Oggi Quatro”) is an European vocal formation (3 female voices + 1 male voice) that follows the tracks of the Italian group of the “Ricchi e Poveri”, of the Germans “Boney M.” and of the Swedes “Abba”.
Oggi 4uattro achieved great success in Europe in the late 1980s, especially in France and the French-speaking countries, where the song “Canterò ‘” had reached the top of the hit parade, to the point that a French version had been made, entitled “Beau c’est beau”, successfully sung by the Parisian pop star Karen Cheryl.

In Italy the television audience met them with the English name “Milk and Coffee”, as regular guests and performers of the closing theme of the television program “A Tutto Gag” and the participation at the 32nd Sanremo Festival with the finalist song “Quando incontri l’amore”.
In the 90s, the group worked abroad, participating in television shows and tours: Argentina, Peru, Chile, France, Russia, Poland, the Czech Republic and Switzerland and Tunisia.

Now, taking again the name and the original model “OGGI 4UATTRO”, Giancarlo Nisi (frontman, founder and author of almost all the music) more current than ever still reports the so-called “Ital-Disco”, or a “Made in Italy” in music.
Recently the new single “Murdeira” was included in the compilation “Capo Verde, terra d’amore – n. 8” produced by Alberto Zeppieri who is also the author of all the lyrics of the group.
With with renewed enthusiasm, the group OGGI 4UATTRO is ready and retrace the successes of Ital-Disco, with concerts and television participations in Europe and in the world.


The album is composed of a dozen new songs and completed by a remake-medley of the successes of the “Oggi Quattro’s era” (also to remember the origins of the group), plus a cover (but sung for the first time in Italian) taken from the repertoire of the “Middle of the Road”: Sacramento.
The atmospheres of the album are those of the great cinema of Federico Fellini and of the years in which there was a carefree and glamorous lifestyle in Rome.

  • 01 – Che Bella Giornata Sara’
  • 02 – Ti Giuro Amore
  • 03 – Cartoline Da Hong Kong
  • 04 – Marcello, Anita E la Dolce Vita
  • 05 – Murdeira (Santana Dreaming)
  • 06 – Come Mai (Tell Me Why)
  • 07 – Ora Lo So
  • 08 – Mi Fai Sentir Demode’
  • 09 – Voglio Star Con Te
  • 10 – Welcome to Italy
  • 11 – A Sacramento
  • 12 – Siamo Stranieri
  • 13 – Egoista
  • 14 – Mon Amour – Meddley 80


A LAND S CAPE OF LIES (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

S CAPE OF LIES (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
Director Paul Knight
Music composed by Lance Warlock
Label Plaza Mayor Company Ltd

The murder investigation of a decorated war he ro becomes the catalyst behind four very separate
lives colliding together in an intricate web of betrayal and deceit.

The concept for the score was to provide a lot of underscore to the film. I did this with very simple
instrumentation and combinations o f uncommon instruments. Some of which might “sound like” a
cello but is actually a bowed saw pitched down an octave or more. I left lots of space between notes so
things could breath in what feels like tight situations. I also tried for an “old school” sou nd and
approach by way of mic placements and reverbs to add distance and emotion.

Soundtrack List

  1. A Landscape Of Lies
  2. In The Shadows
  3. The Session
  4. Jacob & Branagin
  5. Branagin Speaks
  6. Branagin Speaks 2:322:32
  7. FBI Arrive
  8. FBI Arrive 2:052:05
  9. Questioning Jacob
  10. Questioning Jacob 3:093:09
  11. Mother &
  12. Mother & DaughterDaughter 1:111:11
  13. My Good Scotch
  14. My Good Scotch 1:201:20
  15. Audrey Arrives
  16. Audrey Arrives 2:042:04
  17. Heading Out Together
  18. Heading Out Together 4:454:45
  19. Pay Clancy A Visit
  20. Pay Clancy A Visit 2:212:21
  21. Branagin Breaks Down
  22. Branagin Breaks Down 2:462:46
  23. The Plan
  24. The Plan 1:171:17
  25. The Police Turn Up
  26. The Police Turn Up 3:073:07
  27. The Arrest
  28. The Arrest 1:591:59
    All tracks
    All tracks composed and performed by Lance Warlockcomposed and performed by Lance Warlock



Flamenco Guitarist Composer

Label Plaza Mayor Company Ltd

Distribution Sergent Major Company Ltd – The Orchard

Strongly influenced by the music of virtuoso Paco de Lucia, Flaco studies Flamenco music autodidactically. Proof of his extraordinary talent follows in 2001 and 2004, when he reaches the final round of Spanish Flamenco guitar’s most important competition, the Concurso Nacional del Arte Flamenco de Cordoba.

Flaco grows up with classical music, jazz and traditional Roma music. The influences of these different styles are audible in his compositions, making his pieces truly unique. That uniqueness opens doors for Flaco towards the best ensembles and soloists of the present, ranging from baroque orchestra “L`Arpeggiata“, the “Moscow Symphony Orchestra“, Antonio Rey, to the “Janoska Ensemble” and the most important concert halls worldwide. His concert “Hommage a Paco de Lucia” is broadcasted live on French national radio “Radio Culture France” and TV station “TV2 France”.

New Album Paseos Release

Concierto de Aranjuez with Orquestra “Der Ton der Jugend”, Conductor Ronen Nissan

Some of the key moments for Flaco’s career so far were: Opernfestspiele St.Margarethen (AT), Schubertiade Hohenems (AT), Felicija Blumental Festival Tel Aviv (IL), Gems Guitar Festival Netanya (IL) Azorenfestival (PT), Chichester Festival (UK), Cheltenham Festival (UK), Flamenco Festival Sanlucar de Barrameda (ES), Flamenco Festival Wien (AT), Salle Gaveau Paris (FR), Teatro Alterosa Belo Horizonte (BR), Bogota (CO), opening for Jorge Pardo Trio, Gipsy Kings,…

El Flaco shared the stage with: Moscow Symphony Orchestra, Janoska Ensemble, Antonio Rey, Rodrigo Parejo, Peter Luha,Pol Vaquero, Antonio Sanchez, Saul Quiros, Lucia Ruibal, Fahem, Luis Gallo, Juan Murube, Alicia Marquez, Sandra La Chispa, Ramon Martinez, Ensemble L’Arpeggiata, and many more.

– 01 – Las puertas abiertas -Tangos
– 02 – My sweet Alba -Bulerias

– 03 – A tu vera – Rondeña
– 04 – Little Angel Nat – Alegrias
– 05 – Paseos – Rumba

– 06 – Sinceridad – Bulerias
– 07 – Duquelas – Solea


SEND ME TO THE CLOUDS (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) Music composed and performed by Wenzi

SEND ME TO THE CLOUDS (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)


Director Teng Congcong

Music composed and performed by Wenzi

Label Plaza Mayor Company Ltd

Distribution Sergent Major Company Ltd – The Orchard

Always with the power going directly to people’s heart, music by Teacher Wenzi can move the audience in a breeze. On the basis of his previous music, this time he further tried to adopt more musical elements and commercial directions, including electronic elements, world music and even musical language of cold humor. All these efforts expand his musical dimensions, making the image expression in his music splendid and brilliant, which leads us to endless aftertastes.

Director: Congcong Teng.

  • 01 – Title
  • 02 – Into the Haze
  • 03 – All Beings
  • 04 – Melancholy
  • 05 – Let’s Go
  • 06 – Reincarnation
  • 07 – Love
  • 08 – How Far Can A Man See?
  • 09 – Walk into Wonderland
  • 10 – Fear of High
  • 11 – About Willow Catkins
  • 12 – Witty
  • 13 – Catch
  • 14 – Swap Suits
  • 15 – Reconciliation
  • 16 – Pi
  • 17 – Life
  • 18 – How Hard It is to be respected
  • 19 – Mercy
  • 20 – Go To The Cloud (End of the film)


POP BLACK POSTA (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

POP BLACK POSTA (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

Director Marco Pollini

Music Composed by Marco Werba

Director Marco Pollini

Music performed by the Bulgarian National Radio

Symphony Orchestra, conducted by Marco Werba

Piano solos: Rea Bisha

Cello solos: Christo Tanev

Mixed by Marco Streccioni at the Stone Recording Studio in Rome. Assistant: Gabriele Conti.

Label Plaza Mayor Company Ltd

Distribution Sergent Major Company Ltd – The Orchard

What would happen if someone spy your mail? This is what a wild and over the lines group of characters will discover in a claustrophobic atmosphere and over the lines. When a reassuring place as a post office turns into a nightmare, the only way to get out of it is to test yourself: secrets kept jealously will pop up while Good and Bad become increasingly difficult to recognize.

Notes from the composer

I met director Marco Pollini through writer Debora Scalzo. Marco told me about a thriller in preparation for the title “Pop Black Posta“. The story was captivating: A woman kidnaps some people inside a post office, apparently without a reason. Only at the end the motivations, and the anger that had pushed her to make this gesture, to the extreme consequences, will be understood. Marco Pollini did a great job with the actors and the film manages to communicate fear, anguish, despair but also hope. In previous years I had already had the opportunity to work for captivating thriller movies, such as “Giallo” by Dario Argento, for which I had won three awards, “Colour from the Dark” by Ivan Zuccon, “Jack Attack” by Bryan Norton and Antonio Padovan , “Mr Hush” by David Lee Madison, “The Inflicted” by Matthan Harris and “Native” by John Real (for which I won the italian “Golden Globe”). This was therefore another interesting opportunity to write a film score that could again communicate strong emotions. As you know, there are two schools of thought for thriller soundtracks, the first is based on a symphonic orchestral music, the second on an experimental electronic music. In this film I tried to merge the two schools of thought together, mixing the “Bulgarian National Radio Symphony Orchestra” with disturbing electronic sounds, to wrap the viewer and make him more involved in this compelling storyline. We went with the director to Sofia, together with sound engineer Marco Streccioni and his assistant Gabriele Conti, and we recorded the orchestra with a mix of digital sounds synchronized with the images. Alessia’s theme, for piano and strings, is the cornerstone of this soundtrack and is linked to the protagonist, played by actress Antonia Truppo. In a second moment I asked my collaborator Federico Ricci to write an additional music theme for the final scenes, to enrich the existing musical themes and introduce new thematic material. We recorded all the music in 5.1. at the studio “Stone Recording Studio” in Rome and the final mix of dialogues, music and sound effects was done by Gianfranco Tortora at the studios “Il Suono del Sud”. We worked hard to find a balance between the various components of the soundtrack and the right volume between music and sound effects.

I am delighted to have worked again with Jacques Dejean and “Plaza Mayor”, with whom I had already had the chance to team up for the action/thriller “Dead on Time“.

INVINCIBLE DRAGON (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

INVINCIBLE DRAGON (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

Director Fruit Chan

Music composed and performed by Day Tai

Label Plaza Mayor Company Ltd

Distribution Sergent Major Company Ltd – The Orchard

The undercover agent with dragon tattoo Kowloon continually helped the police to solve mysterious cases, which made him known as a rising star. However, his impulsive personality dragged him into endless troubles.

九龍不敗 Music Credit 

Kowloon Hong Kong

監製 Produced by: 戴偉(Day Tai)

編曲Arranged by : 李寶瑜 (Labroe Lee)

主唱Performed by :


Kowloon Hong Kong Dance Version 

編曲Arranged by : 李寶瑜 (Labroe Lee)

I was stronger before 

曲編監 music by: 戴偉Day Tai

填詞lyrics by:鍾宛姍(Chung Uen Shan Olga)

主唱Performed by :


Didgeridoo 澳洲吹管:


Lau Chun Ho,Hakgwai

Strings Sections:

1st violin: 一提琴:张毅  李叶波  林淋  方海燕 黄隽  郝宝珠  易岸兮

2nd violin 二提琴:罗菁  郭慧  王佳奇  王闯  毛璧君

Viola 中提琴:叶凯英  陈晓梅     陈柏成  杨婧

Cello 大提琴:叶辉  刘蔚鹏  马瑜  赵剑飞

Bass 倍大提琴:邢守强  鞠鲁西

All music by 戴偉 Day Tai

1 Kowloon
2 Dragon Fight
3 Homicide
4 My Girl
5 Fake Boxing
6 Her
7 Hints
8 Mr Sin
9 Being Follow
10 Lady
11 I was Stronger before
12 Tracing Lady
13 Who are the one ?
14 Rooftop Fighting
15 Her body
16 Fight in Hell
17 Dragon where are you ?
18 The death of His Son
19 Invincible Dragon
20 Kidnap
21 The Dragon

THE EVIL DOWN STREET (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

THE EVIL DOWN STREET (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

Director David J. Espinosa

Cast Kelton Jones, Alena Gerard, Tara Milante…

Music composed by Lance Warlock

A family of four moves into their new dream home having no idea their new home is possessed by a demon. Katy Ryan becomes tormented by the demon and begins to terrorize her family.

A Paranormal Horror Thriller inspired by true events.

The concept for the score was to be very minimal. It needed to be more of a backdrop to the story. More of a “feeling” than a musical theme. Pulsing rhythms with abstract textures creates for some unsettling moments. Ambient space mixed with distant piano also sneak into several tracks.


Soundtrack List

1. Moving In                       1:23

2. The Basement                 1:32

3. Kristen Comes Home      0:56

4. Inside the Walls               1:36

5. Have a Drink                   5:07

6. Homework                       1:08

7. Magic Touch                    1:14

8. Off to Bed                       1:43

9. Maddie’s Nightmare         2:24

10. Kristen Begins Digging    0:59

11. Mom’s Not Going           0:41

12. The Search Is On             2:51

13. The Stairs Story              1:08

14. Michael’s Search             3:07

15. Father Bob Speaks          2:26

16. The Dinner                      1:18

17. About Last Night            1:31

18. Adam Checks For Rats   1:24

19. Exorcism                         3:37

20. A Better Day                   4:28