RAMIN KOUSHA – Album “5th PASSENGER” (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

RAMIN KOUSHA – Album “5th PASSENGER” (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

Director Scotty Baker

Cd Digital

Label Plaza Mayor Company Ltd

Distribution The Orchard

Ramin Kousha is an Iranian-raised, Los Angeles based composer. Classically trained from the age of six Ramin has developed wide technical backgrounds with an expertise in unique artistic approaches including electronic and orchestral. His music is heard in numerous projects covering a variety of formats such as feature films, documentaries, TV series, and video games. Shortly after learning music theory and performing piano in various orchestras, Ramin realized his passion for composing. This eventually led him to study and work for the well-known Iranian classical composer Ahmad Pejman. At the age of 18 he decided to move to the United States to pursue his dream of film scoring. Ramin’s professional career began composing original scores for student films in college which shortly led to writing for features films. Ramin earned his bachelor of arts in music composition from California State University, Northridge.


Director Scotty Baker

Cast Morgan Lariah, Manu Intiraymi, Doug Jones…

Music composed and performed by Ramin Kousha

Five crew members are forced into an escape pod built for four after their starship is destroyed. Just as rescue seems imminent, an alien creature boards their craft and attacks them.

1 – Main Titles

2 – Arriving At The Starship

3 – Memo Her

4 – Meteor Impact

5 – Eve And Thompson

6 – Survivors

7 – Control Flicker On

8 – We Gonna Die Anyway

9 – A Dangerous Plan

10 – Mutiny

11 – It’s Always Me

12 – Just Watch My Back

13 – Last Chance To Say I Love You

14 – Kanelo Is Mad

15 – Is That His Blood

16 – What The Hell Is That

17 – All Of Us


PROJECT GUTENBERG (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

PROJECT GUTENBERG (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
PROJECT GUTENBERG (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
Director Felix Chong
Cast Yun-Fat Chow, Aaron Kwok, Jingch Zhang…
Music composed by Day Tai
5 nominations at the 13th Asian Film Awards (17th March 2019)

The Hong Kong police is hunting a counterfeiting gang led by a mastermind code-named “Painter” (Chow Yun-fat). The gang possesses exceptional counterfeiting skills which makes it difficult to distinguish the authenticity of its counterfeit currency. The scope of their criminal activities extends globally and greatly attracts the attention of the police. In order to crack the true identity of “Painter”, the police recruits a painter named Lee Man (Aaron Kwok) to assist in solving the case.
原創音樂   :   戴偉
Original Music:   Day Tai
結他,電結他,鍵琴All Guitars, Keyboard: 戴偉 (Day Tai)
鋼琴 Piano: 李寶瑜 (Labroe Lee)
敲擊樂及鼓 Percussion and Drums: 黃偉勳 (Steffunn)
低音結他Bass : 陳兆基 (Chan Siu Kei)
手碟 Hand Pan: Edmund Leung
敲擊樂錄音室 Recording Studio for Drum Session: GIG Studio
敲擊樂錄音工程師 Recording Engineer for Drum Session: Tsam Chan
音樂混音工程師 Music Mixing Engineer: 鄧明東 (Tang Ming Tung)
演奏Performed by:
Sofia Session Orchestra & Choir (Bulgaria)

EL SILBON: ORIGENES / THE WHISTLER: ORIGINS (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) Original music composed and performed by Nascuy Linares

EL SILBON: ORIGENES / THE WHISTLER: ORIGINS (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

Director Gisberg Bermudez

Original music composed and performed by Nascuy Linares

Cd Digital

Label Plaza Mayor Company ltd

Distribution The Orchard

Nascuy Linares has created a Music Soundtrack of “Embrace Of the Serpent” Selected in Cannes Film Festival and Nominated to the Oscars.

A father wrestles with saving the soul of his daughter from a phantasmagorical figure.

Angel was marked at birth by a curse that turned his life into hell. The death of his mother in the midst of witchcraft rituals and the psychological and physical mistreatment of his father led to this fragile being to grow and become a righteous specter that unleashes a series of bloody facts wherever it happens. He is the whistling, a soul in sorrow with thirst for eternal vengeance.


El Silbon: Orignes Track List

  • 01 – Infancia
  • 02 – Tema Silbon
  • 03 – Origenes
  • 04 – Silbon variacion
  • 05 – Brujos 1
  • 06 – Brujos 2
  • 07 – Brujos 3
  • 08 – Brujo en el rio
  • 09 – Infante
  • 10 – Mujer

THE HAPPY PRINCE Original Soundtrack composed by GABRIEL YARED


Original Soundtrack composed by Gabriel YARED

A Film by Rupert Everett

Cast Rupert Everett, Colin Firth, Colin Morgan…

Label Plaza Mayor Company Ltd

Distribution Sergent Major Company Ltd – The Orchard

Plaza Mayor Company will release a soundtrack album for the biographical drama The Happy Prince. The album features the film’s original music composed by Academy Award winner Gabriel Yared (The English Patient, The Talented Mr. Ripley, Cold Mountain, 1408). The soundtrack will be released digitally & physically. The Happy Prince is directed by Rupert Everett who also stars in the movie with Colin Firth, Edwin Thomas, Colin Morgan, Emily Watson, Tom Wilkinson, Miranda Richardson, Beatrice Dalle and John Standing. The movie tells the story of the last days of famed playwright Oscar Wilde. The drama premiered at this year’s Sundance Film Festival and will be released in New York and Los Angeles on October 10 by Sony Pictures Classics before expanding to more markets within the following weeks.

Belgium cinema release on October 3.

Usa cinema release on October 10

France cinema release on December 19.

Gabriel Yared will be performed live in sync on October 18, in London – Royal Albert Hall with Royal Philharmonic Concert Orchestra conducted by Ludwing Wicki.

THE HAPPY PRINCE Notes by Gabriel Yared

I was thrilled when Rupert wrote to me asking if I would write the music for this beautiful project. He is, for me, a real artist and also very musical, so I knew it would be a wonderful collaboration.

We agreed that the score should balance between the extremes of Oscar Wilde’s story: irony, solitude and despair. I didn’t want to say “too much” so limited my orchestral line up to a small chamber ensemble and piano. All of the performances were hugely inspiring, especially Rupert’s as Oscar Wilde himself.

I very proud to have worked on this film.Gabriel Yared

ANIELLO MISTO – Album “PARTHENOPE” Una Storia di Napoli

ANIELLO MISTO – Album “PARTHENOPE” Una Storia di Napoli

Single “N’atta note encore”

Cd Digital & Cd Physical

Label Plaza Mayor Company Ltd

Distribution Sergent Major Company Ltd

The Orchard

Una Storia di Napoli

Aniello (name) Misto (familyname) is a Neapolitan singer, composer and musician, that approaches music at ayoung age. He starst playing the bass self-taught on the streets ofHerculaneum, his beloved homeland, when he’s just eight years old.In 2018 he published his fifth cd, “PARTHENOPE”, whose songsdeal with particular themes of profound importance, sometimes burning anddisconcerting actuality, alternating the detailed narration of the life ofmigrant refugees from their homeland to the nightlife of women of pleasure,touching the lanes of the folkloristic Naples full of life and secrets,dwelling on the history of fishermen and laborers, on life at sea and on land,telling the beauties and shortcomings of Naples and the secrets that are hiddenin silence, and moreover the importance of protecting the Earth, the victim ofover-nature abuses.
The album PARTHENOPE, published and distributed worldwide by Plaza MayorCompany Ltd. (under the supervision of Giancarlo Nisi and Alberto Zeppieri),was produced in the “Sud in Sound Record Company” by Gennaro Franco and AnielloMisto, and boasts the artistic and musical collaborations of great artists andmusicians such as Antonio Mambelli, Marco Caligiuri, Fredy Malfi , GabrieleBorrelli, Vincenzo Palumbo, Giancarlo Sannino, Piero Gallo (featuring in thesong ‘NA GRAZIA), Mario Sellitto, Michele Montefusco, Enrico Capano, SasàPiedepalumbo, Marco Baldascino, Mimmo Maglionico, James Senese (feat. in MAI),Gigi Patierno, Alessio Castaldi, Lara Lombardi, Maurizio Capone, MarianitaCarfora (feat. in N’ATA NOTTE ANCORA) and M ‘Barka Ben Taleb (feat. in ANIMA)


– the cover of the album shows the face of Aniello Misto and the profile of the volcano Vesuvius, formed by the overlapping of city road maps (of the last centuries) of Naples.

Angels Wear White (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

Angels Wear White (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

Jia nian hua (Original title)

Les anges portent du blanc (French title)

Cd Digital & Physical

Label Plaza Mayor Company Ltd

Director Vivian Qu

Cast Vicky Chen, Meijun Zhou, Ke Shi…

Music composed by Wenzi

In a small seaside town, two schoolgirls are sexually assaulted by a middle-aged man in a motel. Mia, a teenager who was working on reception that night, is the only witness. For fear of losing her job, she chooses to keep silence.

Note from Vivian Qu, the Director

Wen Zi’s accurate understanding on the movie theme and sentiments,his talents on classical music, and his ability to master both east and westmusic elements of all times, surprise me every time I work with him.

Note from WenZi, the Composer

On music composition of the movie Angels Wear White

When the director briefed me for the first time that it was a movieabout sexual abuse, I did not think that it would work. It is such a sensitiveand tricky social topic that she is to be hard on herself under the currentmovie approval policy. But, when I saw the early edit, I had a strong impulsethat I wanted to do something for that group. This impulsive feelingimmediately led to my first music composition Go Forward which is also the endof the piece. With this as a start, I worked out how the music shall go withmovie from prelude to crescendo. The position and development of musiccompositions in this movie came into my mind naturally afterwards.

Angels Wear White (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

1 – 茫然四顾 – Dazed Si Gu – 2.22

2 – 出走 – Runaway – 2.59

3 – 夜色 – Night – 1.42

4 – .追逐 – Chasing – 1.13

5 – 锯雕塑 – Saw Sculpture – 2.07

6 – 勇往向前(片尾)- Go forward (end of the piece) – 4.29

7 – 怀孕1 – Pregnancy 1 – 1.40

8 – 怀孕2 – Pregnancy 2 – 1.50

9 – 怀孕3 – Pregnancy 3 – 2.19

10 – 僵滞的墙 – Stiff Walls – 1.31

11 – 快了 – It’s almost over – 5.38

12 – 不知所以 – Selves here – 7.13

13 – 向前进 – Move forward – 4.13

Total 36.76

LAURA BUENROSTRO Latin Voice for Latin Songs

LAURA BUENROSTRO QUARTET– Album « Brazilian Songs»

LAURA BUENROSTRO – Album «Canciones Iberoamericanas”

Lating Voice for Latin Songs…

Cd Digital & Cd Physical

Label Plaza Mayor Company Ltd

The Orchard

Concert Exptionnel – Sunset Sunside – Paris 21 Novembre 2018

Laura Buenrostro was born into a family of musicians in Monterrey, Mexico.

As a teenager, she heard Elis Regina for the first time. The delicate spirit of this future opera singer has kept the memory of this great Brazilian muse.

The years have passed and Laura has become a Lyrical Soprano but never forget her devotion to Elis Regina.

In all her career Laura Buenrostro has always wanted to work around the repertoire of Elis.

After long years of singing and a great experience on the operatic scenes, she meets in Paris Fabio Deldongo, with whom she worked on the album “Brazilian Songs” in tribute to Elis Regina and the Brazilian music that she has always loved.

Laura Buenrostro’s main interest was to put her lyrical training at the service of the interpretation of Elis Regina’s repertoire. This complete mastery of the vocal technique and the search for a profound development of a musical emotion Liee has a knowledge of the style Brazilian a gives birth to a concert imbued with power and fragility own a Laura Buenrostro

 Laura Buenrostro est née à Monterrey au Mexique. 

.Elle est Diplômé Artiste Lyrique à l’Université Regiomontana au Mexique auprès de sa mère et professeur de chant la soprano Graciela Suarez

 Elle a chanté dans différents clubs de jazz, clubs de chanson d´auteur ainsi que dans différents chœurs dont celui de Barry Manilow

Elle est lauréate du Concours Nouvelles Valeurs de Monterrey,

Elle se produit dans de nombreux récitals avec piano et  Orchestre au Mexique

En 1996 elle s’installe en France , elle enregistre la bande son du film « Mamirolle « de Brigitte Coscas  avec Lou Doillon  composé par le célèbre musicien Nicolas Baby (FFF

Elle enregistre a Buenos Aires  son premier album «Canciones Iberoamericanas » Elle y interprète différents styles de la musique classique contemporaine argentine  et espagnole

En 2009 elle utilise sa voix lyrique pour créer des performances pluridisciplinaires

En 2014 elle enregistre son deuxième album Brazilian Songs en hommage a Elis Regina accompagné par les musiciens Fabio Deldongo, David Picard et Luiz Augusto Cavani

Dans toute sa carrière Laura Buenrostro a toujours désiré travailler autour du répertoire d’Elis.

L’interet principal de Laura Buenrostroétait de mettre sa formation lyrique au service de l’interpretation durepertoire d’Elis Regina. Cette complete maitrise de la technique vocale et larecherche d’un profond developpement d’une emotion musicale liee a uneconnaissance du style bresilien a donne naissance a un concert empreint depuissance et de fragilite propre a Laura Buenrostro

T-VIBE – Album “Vaky Masoandro » Le jazz d’Outre Mer


T-VIBE – Album “Vaky Masoandro »

Le jazz d’Outre Mer

Label Plaza Mayor Company Ltd

Distribution Sergent Major Company – The Orchard

T-Vibe – Album “Vaky masoandro” on Itunes

Saxophoniste, pianiste, et finalement un multi-instrumentiste, TahinaVibe est un passionné de musique. Professeur de musique, chef de choeur, arrangeur, compositeur… il est dans tout ! L’artiste participe actuellement au projet Malagasy RoadShow, un film documentaire sur la rencontre musicale entre le jazz et le terroir ! Portrait.

Passionné de jazz, d’une carrure qui ne laisse pas ces dames de marbre, un humour qui amuse la galerie et surtout de la musique, encore et toujours, puisqu’il ne vit que pour ça. Tahina Ramahefason, ou TahinaVibe pour son pseudo, est bien connu de la sphère musicale locale. La musique, il est tombé dedans dès son plus jeune âge. Il apprend tout de son paternel. Et connaît toutes les ficelles de cette discipline artistique. TahinaVibe se montre alors

très précoce et commence comme chef de choeur à 15 ans. Il continue et monte son propre groupe a capella, Vetso, à l’âge de 16 ans. Musicien qui joue de tout, il se met au piano à 17 ans pour accompagner le très célèbre Rasamoelijaona Wilson, artiste malgache qui évolue dans le style « ba-gasy ». Il devient ensuite enseignant et devient le chef de choeur du groupe de gospel Singers of Jesus, en 2004. Son parcours s’enrichit, et TahinaVibe, déjà membre du Jazz Club du CGM, contribue à mettre en place l’AF Jazz, et participe au Tremplin Madajazzcar avec le groupe The Band en 2011. Ensemble, ils feront une tournée dans tout Mada en 2012. En 2015, il monte le groupe Angroov’, rejoint Fanaiky et Mendrika dans leurs projets. Aujourd’hui, TahinaVibe est professeur de chant ,piano et de saxophone au CGM.

T-Vibe – Album “Vaky masoandro” on YouTube

Opus aux couleurs du jazz au saxophone, « Vaky masoandro » contient neuf titres dont sept créations et deux interprétations.

Vaky Masoandro – Track List

1 – Bitsi Pahatsiarovako

2 – Vaky Masoandro

3 – Rediredy

4 – Analamanga Mikaro-Peo

5 – Tsy Maty Manota

6 – Zara Telo

7 – Totoafo

8 – Valin-Kafatra

9 – Gian Steps

Saxophonist, pianist, and finally a multi-instrumentalist, TahinaVibe is a music enthusiast. Music teacher, choir conductor, arranger, composer… he’s in everything! The artist is currently participating in the Malagasy RoadShow Project, a documentary film about the musical encounter between jazz and terroir! Portrait.

T-Vibe – Album “Vaky masoandro” on Spotify

Passionate about jazz, a build that does not leave these ladies of marble, a humour that amuses the gallery and especially music, again and again, since he lives only for that. Tahina Ramahefason, or TahinaVibe for its pseudo, is well known from the local musical sphere. The music, he fell in from an early age. He learns everything from his father. And knows all the tricks of this artistic discipline. TahinaVibe was very precocious and began as a choir leader at the age of 15. He continued and set up his own a capella group, Mojtaba, at the age of 16. A musician who plays everything, he goes to the piano at the age of 17 to accompany the famous Rasamoelijaona Wilson, a Malagasy artist who evolves in the “Ba-Ganesh” style. He then became a teacher and became the choir conductor of the Gospel Singers of Jesus Group in 2004. His career was enriched, and TahinaVibe, already a member of the CMM Jazz Club, helped set up the AF jazz, and took part in the Madajazzcar springboard with the band in 2011. Together they will tour all Mada in 2012. In 2015, he set up the group Angroov ‘, joined Fanaiky and Vijayan in their projects. Today, TahinaVibe is a professor of vocals, piano and saxophone at CGM.

Opus in the colours of jazz on the saxophone, “Vaky Masoandro” contains nine titles including seven creations and two interpretations.


“I AM NOT AN EASY MAN” (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)


“I AM NOT AN EASY MAN” (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

Director Eleonore Pourriat

Cast: Lucie Leclerc, Vincent Elbaz…

Music composed by Fred Avril

Featuring: Ruppert Pupkin, Shaka Ponk….

Label Plaza Mayor Company Ltd

Distribution The Orchard

I AM NOT EASY MAN (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) on Itunes

« La musique m’a accompagnée à tous les stades de la fabrication du film. Des morceaux m’ont prêté leur rythme dès l’écriture pour trouver le juste tempo de chaque séquence,

certains sont restés, la reprise de Lo Fang par exemple a conditionné la narration de la scène de club, d’autres, comme Choir de Perfume Genius, se sont imposés au montage,

surgissant comme la voix intérieure des protagonistes, tandis que d’autres encore, comme la chanson de Ruppert Pupkin, Viens, ont été composés spécialement pour le film.

J’ai également voulu jouer avec les codes de la masculinité et de la féminité, en choisissant d’une part des voix d’hommes aiguës et d’autre part un violoncelle, plus grave, belle idée de Fred Avril Magnon pour évoquer le personnage d’ Alexandra. Mais la tonalité commune à tous les moments musicaux du film est leur sensualité. Tout en étant une œuvre très militante, Je ne suis pas un homme facile est une histoire d’amour, et je voulais que la musique originale comme les titres synchronisés, aillent dans ce sens.»

Eléonore Pourriat

 I AM NOT AN EASY MAN (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) on YouTube

« Music was by my side at each stage of the making of the film. While writing, some tunes helped me find the right tempo of a sequence. Some were kept afterwards, such as Lo Fang’s cover, which dictated the whole club scene. Some, like Choir by Perfume Genius, imposed their own originality, bursting like the interior voices of the protagonists, whereas others, like Ruppert Pupkin’s song, Viens, were composed especially for the film. I also wanted to play with the codes of masculinity and feminity. This is why I chose on one hand high-pitched male voices and on the other hand Fred Avril Magnon proposed a cello, to convey Alexandra’s deeper voice. However, the tone shared by all musical moments, their «key», was their sensuality.

While being a politically committed piece of work, I Am Not an Easy Man is a love story, and I wanted the original score as well as the other songs to convey this mood. »

Eléonore Pourriat


« La bande originale du film a été composée à Montmartre, près de Pigalle, précisément là où Je Ne Suis Pas un Homme Facile se termine. L’ expérience de ce film a littéralement changé ma perception de ce quartier en quelques heures – c’était étourdissant. J’avais

d’autres projets mais suis tombé immédiatement amoureux du film et ai décidé d’étirer le temps. Au fil des semaines, j’ai été ravi de travailler souvent main dans la main avec

Éléonore qui était très impliquée dans la musique, ainsi que Pierre-Marie Dru. Dans le score, les guitares plus ou moins aigües (Jazzmaster et Gretsch) accompagnent Damien, alors qu’un cello solo (plus ou moins grave) porte Alexandra jusqu’à la fin. Cette tension entre les deux instruments (et leurs univers respectifs) ont défini le langage de la B.O. »

I AM NOT AN EASY MAN (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) on Spotify

Fred Avril Magnon a sorti des disques au début des années 2000 et a composé nombre de bandes originales comme Sparrow de Johnnie To, le film suédois Sound of Noise

de Nilsson-Simonsson, le film américain indépendant The Lifeguard de Liz W. Garcia (avec Kristen Bell), la comédie Connasse, Princesse des Coeurs de Noémie Saglio et Eloïse Lang, ou la série d’animation pour adultes Lastman de Jérémie Périn


The soundtrack was composed in Montmartre next to Pigalle, where the movie ends. I was amazed how the experience of the movie changed my very perception of the area. I was already busy, but fell in love with the project and worked triple time, often with Eléonore who was truly implicated in the music. Working with her and Pierre-Marie Dru was thrilling : I had never spent that much time with a director besides me IN the studio, and enjoyed every minute of it. In the score, high-pitched guitars (Jazzmaster and Gretsch) accompany Damien and a solo cello carries Alexandra. The tension between both instruments (and their worlds) defined the soundtrack’s language. »


Fred Avril Magnon a.k.a. Avril started releasing records in the early 2000´s and has composed for numerous feature films since then. Among them, China’s acclaimed Sparrow directed by Johnnie To, Swedish movie Sound of Noise directed by Nilsson-Simonsson, American independent film The Lifeguard directed by Liz W. Garcia and starring Kristen Bell, French comedy Harry Me ! directed by Noémie Saglio & Eloïse Lang or the adult manga series Lastman, directed by Jérémie Périn.

SPITFIRE (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) Music Composed and Performed by Chris ROE


SPITFIRE (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

Music Composed and Performed by Chris ROE

Cd Digital & Cd Physical

Label Plaza Mayor Company Ltd

The Orchard

 SPITFIRE (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) on Itunes

SPITFIRE (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

Director David Fairhead, Ant Palmer

Music Composed and Performed by Chris ROE

Featuring English Session Orchestra

Contracted by Dom Kelly

Assistant Contractor Jojo Arvanitis

Orchestral Leader Patrick Savage

Piano/Organ Chris Roe


Recorded at Angel Studios

Recording Engineer – Jeremy Murphy

Pro Tools Assistant – Scott Bradley


Mixed and Mastered by John Davies

DDP created by David Jones at SONUS Audio

 SPITFIRE (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) on YouTube

SPITFIRE is a cinematic, epic, sweeping tale of determination, vision and courage.  It is the story of an aircraft that was forged in competition, shaped as the war clouds gathered and refined in the white heat of combat – going on to become the most famous fighter aircraft ever made.

Credited with changing the course of world history, this is the story of the Spitfire – told personally in the words of the last-surviving combat veterans. Through their recollections, we experience the terror and exhilaration of combat five miles up, the loss of friends and the grim determination to see the job through.


The original score by Chris Roe combined with the roar of the famous Merlin engine, creates a rich soundscape for the film. Stays With You Forever, First Flight, and Aerial Ballet reflect the Spitfire’s grace and beauty, Masterpiece and Production Line its ground-breaking design, and 400 Miles Per Hour and Dogfight the deadly speed and agility which the pilots remember so clearly to this day.


The score was recorded at Angel Studios. and features some of London’s finest string players from the English Session Orchestra mixed in with orchestral samples from Spitfire Audio.

SPITFIRE Cd Digital & Cd Physical on Amazon